Goodbye So Long Farewell!


This is it, the last day of Video Production Take a minute, tell me one memory, the best thing you learned, your favorite project, best moments in class. What made these moments possible?

Also, if you could give one piece of advice to next semester’s Video 1  students what would that be?

Leave the answers to these questions to this post, in the comments field below. Write in complete sentences.

Have a great summer!

6 thoughts on “Goodbye So Long Farewell!”

  1. The best thing that I learned in class would have to be learning how to use Premiere because its super fun, and editing videos is awesome! Even though I couldn’t finish it, the music video was by far the best. My partner and I had so much fun doing it and it was just cool to make one in general. The best moment in class was when me and my group were filming multiple camera angles. I had a lot of fun. If I could give one piece of advice it would have to be always pay attention during the demos and Instructions!!!


  2. Well one specific memory that is significant in this class is filming the PSA: Stop Motion. It was a ludacris experience and Kyle Sager and I just could not get it done. We were driving to Portland to film and almost even got into a car accident because we were so focused on filming! It was all worth it though trust me. MY favorite project would have to be the music video just because it’s fun to be able to play around with whatever song is on your mind and mess around with the green screen. All these moments were made possible with the stupendous teachings of Mr. Strong. With a teacher like him, you truly feel like you can accomplish anything. If I had one piece of advice for next year’s Video 1 students I would tell them to just come in with a positive attitude and get ready for a great, creative, fun, and memorable ride.


  3. I feel like in this class, the best thing I learned was how to write a script. My favorite project was definitley music video. Although it went nowhere near how I expected it to go, it (in my opinion) gives the students the most flexibility and creative freedom. The best moments in class were when me and my group would go out to film, we would always mess around but still be productive at the same time. If I were to give advice to the next year’s Video 1 students I would say don’t slack around or else you may not have time for the funnest project of the semester!


  4. I think the best thing I learned was how to work a camera! *ba dum tss* the most memorable project I did was the music video. My favorite project was the conversation though. The best moments in class was when I would get turned loose and I was free to get my work done. My advice to incoming video production students, is to get a group of pals that you know pretty well, and stick with them till the end.


  5. Through out my whole sophmore year, I would say that this is my favorite class. The project that helped me the most was the mulriple camera angles. Because I learned all the different angles there could be in a video. My favorite project was the last project which was the music video. Because it was an awesome assingment. I got to shoot myself and a help with some friends. Also with a song of your choice. Thats awesome. I really enjoyed this class!


  6. best thing I lerned was where how to make a music vidieo my favorit project was music vidieo best moments were getting on Adoboe Story and my advice: to be a good writer think of what they should do like “if Bugs Bunny were to be the head of the DEA and Daffy as the undcover cop” that’s possible in the Lonny toons Show


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