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Today’s Exercise: PSA Brainstorm – What is your Message?

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Today you will post the answers to the following questions as a comment to this post.

Step 1: Check out the above vidoes. What are the messages in the three videos above? How do the videos get their point across?

Step 2: Which of these topics interest you?

– Being yourself no matter what.
– Water & Energy Conservation.
– Suicide Prevention.
– Stop Bullying.
– Texting & Driving, distracted driving.

Step 3: How will you get your message across through your stop motion animation?

Post the answers to all three questions as a comment to this post. Do it in Word first, then copy and paste.

Music Video Example #2: Bjork – Bachelorette

After viewing the following video respodn tot he following questions i the comment field bdlow. Remember to write in complete answers, compose your asnwers in Word first then paste them into the comment field below. Don’t forget to use the rubric for responding to tutorials.

What is the relation of the book she is reading to what is in the video? How does the song match up to what is going on on-screen? How does the dreictor layer in worlds, and how does he show it? What ideas are presented in this video? Why did the director choose leaves and trees to show humanity towards the end?

Brainstorming Activity: How Could you tell a story with five different camera angles?

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To start things off this morning, write down as many details as possible about your first assignment, which we will go into more details about tomorrow.

How could you tell a story with five different camera angles, explain what these camera angles would look like?

What would happen in your story?

Not sure where to start? Start with something simple, like your morning routine, which has gone horribly wrong somehow? Describe a moment you don’t quite remember when you were younger? Also, the classic “Moment after which you were different?”

Write your brainstorm exercise in Word first, then copy and paste into the comment field below. No pressure, just write what comes to you first, don’t self edit, don’t criticize, just let it flow!