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This Week’s Activity: The Interview






This must be a person you have never met before.I’ll write everyone’s name down and we will put it into a hat.We will come up and draw a name. Once everyone is paired up we will do an interview, then video that person with their answers. Interviews can be inside (studio, with lighting) or outside (natural light, use a reflector to fill in the face.).

    The person’s name (duh?!)
    Where they are from.
    One activity apart from cellphones that this person enjoys.
    What makes them the absolute happiest?
    Favorite food.
    Favorite artist/band/dj/rapper/classical music composer/opera singer/Throat Singer
    What this person wants out of life.
    Where do they want to be in 10 years.
    Where will they probably end up in 10 years.
    Would you rather possess the superpower of flight or invisibility?

Post these answers as a comment to the blog. THEN START PLANNING OUT YOUR INTERVIEW.


You could have a green screen with the person’s favorite activity going on in the background.
Light the scene so that the personality of the person is reflected. Is it warm and mellow or harsh and scary?
Think about where that person wants to be in 10 years. Create that reality.

Interview is due at the end of the period today! Video is due on Friday.


Today’s Exercise: Careers in Video Production


  1. Open Microsoft Word and create a new document. Name it “Video Career Path” and save it to your folder on the D drive.
  2. Title your paper at the top “Video Career Path
  3. Choose an entry-level job in photography that interests you the most HERE
  4. Paragraph 1: Tell me the name of the entry-level position, why it interests you, a description of the job/ what you would be doing in the position, and the qualifications necessary.
  5. Choose a professional Video Program HERE. Don’t forget Mt. Hood. – this class = one semester of credit from that video program.
  6. Paragraph 2: Tell me the average salary, work environment, education required, the job description, and what you would be doing in this position.
  7. Read over these 2 paragraphs a few times to check for spelling/grammar issues.
  8. SAVE!
  9. Copy and paste this large comment into the comment field above.