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To Do List for 2/27


1.Turn in your Multiple Camera Angles Project.

In Premiere:

  • File/Export/Media
  • Under Format: Choose H264
  •  Under Preset: Choose Youtube1080p29.97
  • Under Output Name- Name the file ‘Multiple Camera Angles’ and save it to your D:/Name drive.
  • Hit Export.
  • Upload mp4 file to youtube

2. Start work on your Mash Up Project.

====== Turn in your Focus here =======

To Do List for 2/20


1. Check out Today’s Tutorial: How to Add Titles with Adobe Premiere Pro.

2. Continue Storyboarding for your Multiple Camera Angles project.

3. Once you have five different camera angles drawn out, see me for approval and then you can go out and shoot those five different camera angles. – Shooting will resume tomorrow.