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My Interview with Brian Padian, local Portland Filmmaker

Above you’ll find his film, Turkish Wine, a music video for local Portland band, Norfolk & Western.

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing a friend, or a husband’s friend anyway. His name is Brian Padian and I know him through his wife, the wonderfully talented writer, Margaret Malone. Margaret will be on the next episode of Live Wire, the Portland based Variety Radio Show, taped live at the Alberta Rose Theater.

Brian was incredibly gracious with his time, and in this interview he talks about what he was like as a High School aspiring filmmaker, and how he got from there to here. He recently received a large grant, so he can now work on a feature length (over an hour) film, something he hasn’t had the chance to do yet.

Read over the INTERVIEW, and let me know what questions you would like him to answer, he’ll be back later in the week to do so.

Leave your questions as comments to this post. Write in complete sentences, etc. What did you get out of this interview? What do you want to know more about? Was this interview inspiring to you, useful?