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Want to use cameras in this class?

Then you best be sure to Agree to the Terms and Conditions contained in the Syllabus below.


After READING IT, make a comment, with the statement, “I agree with the terms and conditions contained within the syllabus.” As a Comment to THIS Syllabus post. Agreeing to this statement will allow you, the student, to use cameras and equipment.


1. Group Critique on all of the films we haven’t critiqued yet.

2. Leave a comment to this post. YOUR ADVICE FOR VIDEO ONE STUDENTS IN THE FALL. What have you learned that they should know on day one? What is this class like? How do you get work finished in a short class time? How important is it to be on-time? What’s it like relying on fellow students? What is your advice to get them through Video One?

3.Another comment to this post. How did this class expand your knowledge of video? What worked well for you? What did not? What were some of your favorite films of the day? What did you learn from filmmaker Brian Padian? What did you learn abou After Effects? About story-telling?


Write in complete sentences. Compose your words in WORD first, then copy and paste.
It has truly been a pleasure working with you guys this semester. I’m proud of all of you. See you next year!

To Do List for the rest of the year!

1. New Footage/Old Footage: Needs to beone minute or more, must seamlessly blend new footage and old using green screen and after effects. Get footage here

2. Narrative: Group Project 5-7 minutes. Must have already turned in a script for this project.

Seniors: Due date for both projects before June 2nd, 2011.

Everyone else, last day to turn in projects is: Tuesday, June 14th.

Video Production Two Syllabus

You’ve Made it through to Video Production Two. This is how we are going to run things this time around:

Scope and Sequence

This class’s assignments will be divided between longer, group or individual assignments and several individual smaller projects.

Smaller projects will include projects like:

  • Production Logo – 10-15 seconds
  • Blending shot footage into Archival Films – 1-2 minutes.
  • Movie Trailer – One Minute
  • Montage – One Minute

Larger projects will include:

  • An ongoing Video Announcements serial: soap opera, TV drama 1-2 minutes per week
  • A talk show, three to four episodes, 3-5 minutes each
  • An original narrative story accompanied by video, with various themes, 5-7 minutes.
    A documentary about something going on in the school, or something meaningful to you.

Final Project: Demo Reel

A professionally edited Demo Reel, featuring all of your video work from this semester.

For All Projects:

You will include a slate, which is a title Slide, with your first name and last name, Name of the project, and the length, in minutes and seconds.

You are required to upload each video you make to Vimeo, so it can appear on the “student work” page.

Each Day I will post a “Film of the Day” post, where I highlight an essential Film. If you have seen this movie, respond with your own reaction, and how it has inspired you, and how you could incorporate this film into your own work.

Leave that response as a comment to the Film of the Day post.

The Blog

You are responsible for every single thing that I post on this website. It is a private, class-only website. If you have questions about an assignment, make sure you look and the blog post BEFORE asking someone. Let’s all be informed.

Behavior and Passes

In this class, you will be allowed to shoot anywhere on campus for up to 20 minutes. After that you must send someone back to renew the pass. Failure to report back before the time on the pass will result in one warning, then for each infraction you lose filming privileges
for one week.

We are a professional learning environment, one that is supposed to emulate the world of work. Because of this, we will act like professional at all times, including the hallways. Profanity, sliding down stairs, running in the hallways, violence real or simulated will not be tolerated. We are all capable of telling stories that don’t involve violence. THIS IS NOT AN INTRO LEVEL CLASS, SO I EXPECT YOU TO BEHAVE ACCORDINGLY.

Failure to adhere to the above professional conduct rules will result in one warning, then a loss of hall pass privileges for one week.

Tardy & Attendance

Being on time to Video is essential in everyone’s projects getting done in a timely fashion. Three tardies will result in an afternoon detention, and another detention for each tardy after that.

Skipping classes, or excessive absences in this class not only destroys your own progress, but the progress of everyone else. When considering an absence keep in mind just how much your classmates depend on you, for acting, for technical assistance, voice-overs, video annoucnements, etc.

We need to be dependable, responsible people who help each other out, that’s the only way we will all succeed as a class.

If you plan on being absent, being sick, going on a field trip, etc. PLEASE LET ME AND YOUR CLASSMATES KNOW AHEAD OF TIME SO I, WE, THEY, CAN PLAN ACCORDINGLY. DON’T BE A FLAKE AND JUST NOT SHOW UP.

If you agree to these rules, respond to this post with the following comment:

I __________ agree with the terms and conditions present in Mr. Strong’s online syllabus.

Failure to follow any of these rules will result in a disciplinary action.