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Video 1: Today’s Tutorial: Three Point Lighting

After viewing the above video, answer the following questions using complete sentences in the comment field below. What is three point lighting and why is it important in Video Production? What is the key light and how is it different from the fill light? What is the purpose of the backlight? What effects do you get if you only have the back light on?

Today’s Tutorial: Storyboarding

Click on this, download the image, then print your own storyboards.
Storyboarding is a huge part of the storytelling process. To do video well, this cannot be skipped. It is vital to a video’s success to pre-visualize the scene before you shoot it. 
What is needed in any storyboard.1. Type of camera angle
2. A brief description (One sentence or show that describes what is being shot.)
3. Enough of an illustration to be able to tell how far away the camera is from the subject. And what type of camera angle is being used.Click on the file link above and use this to print out your storyboards.STORYBOARDS ARE REQUIRED FOR THE MULTIPLE CAMERA ANGLES ASSIGNMENT.

Video Basics: Resolution Chart


Above is a visual showing different formats. THIS IS VITAL FOR GETTING THE LOOK AND SIZE YOU WANT If you see your video “zoomed in”, it is because of the different sizes of video modes and resolutions.

  • Industry standards is currently 1920×1080 is the highest YouTube will show.
  • Vimeo will compress all videos to 1280 x720 with a free account.
  • Older cameras (pre-HD) shoot in SD or Standard Definition, vs. High Definition,(HD.)


Today’s Tutorial: Acting 101

After Viewing the above video, answer the following questions in the comment field below. Write in complete sentences and remember the rubric for how I grade tutorial answers, the more complex your answer, the higher the level!

What does every actor need to know before they go on set? What’s is the best way to be an actor in front of the camera? What is the most important thing an actor can do to act like a real character? Which one of these tips did you not know already?