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Video 1:Today’s Tutorial: Video Shooting Basics

After viewing the following video, answer the following questions using complete sentences.

Why is using a tripod important? If you don’t have a tripod, how should you stand?

What is the zoom and what is the right way to use it? Why is lighting the subject’s face important?

What is the rule of thirds and why is that important?

Remember the rubric for responding to tutorial comments.

Today’s Tutorial: Rule of Thirds

After viewing the above video, answer the questions using complete sentences. Refer to the rubric for responding to tutorial comments. Post your reply as a comment to this post.

Why is it important to use rule of thirds? What is the rule of thirds, and how do you use it? Is it something you do in camera, or is it done after you shoot? What is the opposite of rule of thirds? What other art forms use rule of thirds?

Today you will need to register to make comments. When prompted, click on the REGISTER button to register. Your username will be firstnamelastnamepassword will be your choice.

Today’s Tutorial: Aperture, Shutter Speed, and ISO

After viewing the following video tutorial, read and respond to these questions. Wirte in complete sentences, compose your answer in Word first, then copy and paste, remember the rubric for Responding to Tutorial Comments.

What is F-Stops and aperture and what do they do? What is Depth of Field and how can you change how much Depth of Field you have in an image/video?

What is shutter speed, what does a fast shutter speed look like, what does a slower shutter speed look like? What is ISO and what effect does it have on a video?

You can change Aperture and Shutter Speed on the Big Black Cameras, but turning the modes to AV for aperture and TV for shutter speed. The big dial by the focus on the lens barrel adjusts F Stop, while the little dial on the left front side of the camera will control Shutter Speed.

Video 2-3: Tutorial: Five Unconventional Camera Tricks

Really Cool Tutorial on Five different special effects you can create IN the camera.

After reading the following tutorial, answer the following questions in complete sentences.

Which one of these five have you tried before? Which one of these five are you most willing to try>? What would you need to pull these tricks off? Have you seen any movies where any of these tricks have been performed?

Which one will you use on your next project?