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How to Export your Video (With Slides)

This slide tutorial will show you the steps you need to take in order to export your FOCUS video assignment.

Step 1: WITH YOUR TIMELINE SELECTED click on the following, File/Export/Media.

Step 2: This will launch the Export Settings window.

Step 3: Click on the down arrow by FORMAT. Choose H264 from the list, see image above.

Step 4: Click on PRESET, Choose YouTube 1080p 29.97 from the list, see image above.

Step 5: In the Export Settings window, click on the link next to Output Name. This is where you will save it to your computer.

Step 6: Save it to YOUR F: DRIVE, not to the desktop, save it to the VIDEOS FOLDER.

Step 7: Click the EXPORT button to do a final export.

Today’s Tutorial: Trimming the Fat


There’s a great lesson here on Trimming the Fat, shooting more than you need to,to make sure that you have enough coverage when it comes time to edit your film.

1. Read and view the clips.

2. Then tell me if you think you are shooting enough coverage footage (Also known as B-Roll) when you shoot for your films?

3. How does the footage shot in the first clip support the second clip? How will this exercise help you in your editing for your Narrative Project?

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