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Today’s Tutorial: Room Tone

Room Tone & Ambience from Stephen Niebauer on Vimeo.


After viewing the video above, answer the following questions below in complete sentences. Use the rubric for responding to tutorials. Compose your answer in Word then copy and paste them into the comment field of this post.

What is room tone? Why is room tone important? How can you use room tone to fix audio issues? What is the difference between source sound and ambient sound?


Today’s Tutorial: Sound and Dialogue

Lesson 4: Sound and Diagloue – tutorial from FíS Community on Vimeo.

After viewing this tutorial, answer the following questions, write your answer in word first, then copy and paste into the reply box below. Remember the rubric for grading tutorial comments here

How are scenes with dialogue usually shot, and with kind of shot? How many times should you shoot dialogue? Why do you think the scene is shot this way?  What is the difference between diagetic vs. non-diagetic sound? What are some examples of diagetic and non diagetic sounds? Why is this distinction important? And finally, what is a voice-over?