Rubric: Critiques

Guidelines for How I grade Critique Comments:

So on the critique for the following photo, the results would translate as follows:

This comment would be a Level 4 answer:

The line between what is real and unreal is blurred in a really nice way for me on this shot. There could be a bit more contrast, especially when we get up to the part where all the lines converge. The photographer has created a world where abstract qualities of line converge, and for that I am grateful.

This comment would be a Level 3 answer:

I love the style of this photo! It is really unique. This is a creative way to get the viewer to focus, as well as keeping the lines rule in mind. I also find the black and white type look of the photo really interesting.

This comment would be a Level 2 answer:

This picture is just awesome.Ii just love how all the lines go upwards and meet together making a very little rectangle.

This comment would be a Level 1 answer:

I like how all the lines lead to one point. Very creative!

So the level 4 answer would result in an A grade for that post.

A level 3 answer would result in a B grade for that post.

A level 2 answer would result in a C grade for that post.

A level 1 answer would result in a D grade for that post.

I do this so that we go beyond the surface of things, level 1 answers are obvious, at that level you are just saying whether or not you approve or disapprove. Level 2 and 3 answers start to evaluate the photo, bringing up points to celebrate or criticize, bringing out a more critical eye to the photograph. Level 4 answers pull the whole thing together that truly shows  a higher level of engagement with the photo and the accompanying comment.

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