Student Work


Erin Michalak – Montage


Alekz Wokal – Montage


person who ruined my life from Spencer Adair on Vimeo.

Chloe Hall – Person Who Ruined My Life


How Aliens RUINED My Life! from Chloe Hall on Vimeo.

Erin Michalak: Person who Ruined My Life


Incomplete from Erin Michalak on Vimeo.

The never ever ever be late to class again sweatshirt from Jake Duthaler on Vimeo.

30 second glasses commercial from tim nakhisa on Vimeo.

30 second glasses commercial from tim nakhisa on Vimeo.

Track Documentary from Preston Bahr on Vimeo.

The Power of Teleportation by Preston Bahr

Hayden Parthenay – Documentary

Jesse Leggett

Black and White Silent  film

Alekz Wokal

Black and White Silent Film

Hayden Parthenay

Video Remix

30 Second Commercial

Jordan Kelly – Black and White Silent

Preston Bahr – 30 Second Commercial

Alec Cruden: B & W Silent Film:

Caleb Roush b&w silent film

Cheyenne George: 30 Second Commercial

Travis Geers Logo:

Josh Beckman’s Logo

Beckman Productions: Title Sequence


Period Two: Group Commercial: Stack ‘Ems

Period Two: Group Commerical:Love Juice

Trevor Rhine and company: Dr. Katz

Blayne White, Ed Astanin, Bryce Baxter: Mr. White

David Katz’s Untitled

Jordan Kelly’s Star Wars

Ed Astanin & Bryce Baxter Step by Step


Jake Maygra’s: Sam I Am

Caleb Moore’s Beautiful Sam

Ed Astanin’s: Styx – Come Sail Away Video
Last Year:

Jesse Legget’s: The Stalker

David Kiser’s: Billie Jean

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